At Gusco Consulting, Inc., we are the IT Department for many small to medium-sized businesses who need reliable, qualified computer network support – but don’t need a full time technician in-house.

Based out of Rockland, we’re experts in solving technical issues, setting up system design and maintaining computer networks throughout the mid-coast. What’s more, we know how important fast and dependable service is to the business community.

With one phone call, we’re already working on a solution for you.

What we do

Before we touch anything, we listen.


We like to think of ourselves as highly trained computer geeks who have retained just enough of our humanness that highly successful business people like you can actually talk to us. After all, if we start punching keys and changing wires around before making sure we understand your needs, you will never get the most from your system. So, we start by listening… and learning. Then we apply our knowledge of how computers work to what you have taught us about your business. Our goal is that the result will further your business.

We’re happy to work with you on an hourly basis or a service contract. Here are some of the specific services our contracts typically cover…


System review and analysis

Hardware & software

Preventative maintenance

Help desk support

Asset management

Disaster prevention & recovery

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Who knows how many Projects

Satisfied Clients

Cups Of Coffee



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